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  What should I have Done?

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brain cameron

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  What should I have Done?     Empty
PostSubject: What should I have Done?      What should I have Done?     Icon_minitimeThu Jun 09, 2011 1:13 pm

I havent been playing for too too long, but i have a general strategy. I'm a tight aggressive player. So heres the shortened version of what happened.

I'm in the BB with pocket Kings spades and clubs). Blinds 50/100.

UTG + 2 raises to 550, I re-raise to 1100 and get to heads up with the raiser.


I bet 500, he calls and the turn is Ac. I check and he bets 2,000 into a pot of 4,500 and then I fold.

Since he preflop raised so much I put him on A-something and then the A came I didnt want to chance it. Do you think it was the right move? Think i should have bet more after the flop?
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What should I have Done?
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