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A more advanced version of the game, close to today's poker was first introduced in the XVII century in Europe - in France. In various countries of Europe the name of this game differently: in Italy and Spain - is Primero, France - la prime, Germany - Pochen. Participants could be heard playing not five, as is usual in modern poker, but for three cards, and combinations are possible are as follows: three equal, couples, flash. Later in the poker has become such a thing as a bluff, which was used extensively as a basic strategy among poker players. Soon poker crossed the ocean and sunk to the United States of America. It happened at a time when colonization was active. The first foci of this card
have been seen in Louisiana in 1829, and after poker has spread throughout the United States.
In 1834, poker began to play with a deck of 52 cards. In this historical period were the following possible combinations: four identical cards - «high», three identical cards and a couple - «full house», three identical cards, two pairs, one pair and high card - «high card». Suits have also had a different effect on value. Each time the change occurred and add the possible combinations: five consecutive cards - «strait», five cards of the same suit - «flush». Since that time, there are several major variations of poker: 5-tikartochny Stud and 7-mikartochny Stud, Texas Hold'em, Omaha and Omaha Hi-Lo - these types of poker came to us today. Throughout its history of poker often underwent changes in the rules and strategies of games, but the general meaning of Poker has always remained the same - it is winning the pot or out of the game with smaller losses.
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Default Is poker immoral?
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